Wednesday, December 19, 2012

After a while without posting ( I was busy coding and playing Far Cry 3 ( best game ever! ) ), I am happy to tell you that version 1.0 of Burstin' Bubbles is done! It's a playable game, downloadable here (~5MB via Dropbox).
It works on Windows 7, not sure about other Windows versions, but should work as well.
It features a simple Shoot 'm Up in which the player has a machine gun and Medipacks laying around the city (currently filled in with parks). Here are some screenshots of the ingame-situation, menu and instructions:
The main menu

 Now loading...

 In-game chaos, guns, medipacks, etc.

 Game over. Pretty low score there.

How to play the game

The game improved so much since the last post, not only code-wise, but graphically as well. Since the last update I've made major improvements to the code and added the following things:
  • Generated roads (using 4 images; an intersection, horizontal road, vertical road and grass).
  • Level edges (when you're at the boundaries of the level, the player moves freely and the camera stays still)
  • Survival mode (kill as many enemies as possible), replaced the "xx Enemies left"
  • Enemy spawn timers with increasing speeds for higher difficulty.
  • Portability (the game works on other locations and other computers than the development computer!)
  • Completely functioning menu with buttons, button states (hover, down, normal)
  • Pause-function. Quite useful if you need to check the controls or anything.
  • End game score display (used to be instant replay)
  • Clear instructions and a "story"
I will think of things to add to this game, because I still have some days left. The deadline is the 7th of January, so that gives me some room for more stuff! Suggestions are welcome!


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