Thursday, November 29, 2012

I've been busy lately, not so much with programming, but more with my temporary job before I go back to school. Takes a lot of time, but I get payed for it, so it's not that bad.
For the programming part, I haven't done a lot. I struggled a lot with setting up a derived class from the GameObject-class. I kept trying to call the GameObject constructor from the Player's constructor, but it removed the texture every time I tried, so now I have duplicate code in my player constructor. I will try to fix that if I have enough time left before the deadline.

I've also implemented basic player movement in my game and I will tell you how.

I used my Player class to implement movement by keyboard. The problem with this setup is that when I want to have a big map, I need to implement map scrolling. In the current setup, the player can walk towards the border of the viewport and even walk out of it. What I want is a player stuck in the center of the map and the rest of the objects moving in the opposite direction of the meant player movement. This gives the illusion the player is moving and a camera is fixed on the player.
I solved this by letting the Player move without inverting stuff. After the Player's update function, the Scene calls a function in the GameObjectManager to put the player back to the center of the viewport and move all the other objects with an amount equal to the displacement of the player in comparison to the center.
This is the function doing that:

void GameObjectManager::CenterPlayer(void)
sf::Vector2f center(500,300); //Window is 1000x600
sf::Vector2f translation = center - m_Players[0].getPosition();

for(std::vector<GameObject>::iterator i = m_gameObjects.begin(); i != m_gameObjects.end(); ++i )

for(std::vector<Player>::iterator i = m_Players.begin(); i != m_Players.end(); ++i )

That lead to the following result, a roam-able area:

The next post will be about (inefficient) basic collision. I already have an idea how I will accomplish that, so that shouldn't take too long.


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