Friday, December 7, 2012

It's been 4 days since I've posted anything, but I've done loads of work in the meantime. I've added sounds, HUD, replaying of level, loading screen, graphical update of the character, spawning enemies that will follow you, feedback on the enemies indicating health, added Medipacks(which heal 50%), a brand new environment with some graphics, added a MathHelper class with functions as Random(), Normalize(), etc., 2 types of collision (rectangular(somewhat buggy) & circular(works like a charm.))

As you can see, that's quite some stuff. Because I am making the art myself, I am having difficulty keeping myself to my art style, because making a loading screen gives you much more freedom than a 50x50 sprite of a player. I made a loading screen with a $100 bill, with the "Economic bubble" theme in my mind. This is the result:
I'm still figuring out how I'm going to incorporate the mandatory "Bubbles" theme more obvious in the game, since it's essentially nothing more than a shoot 'm up right now. I might incorporate a mission for the player
to "exterminate the bankers, because they are responsible for the bubbles and their burstings".

For the technical part, I want to add randomized levels. The level I'm using right now is over 10mb at the moment, so I want to make some parts of a level (parks, buildings/houses, water) to make big levels varying quickly. I also want to add a menu to choose the scene/mode and to return to after finishing the level. If I have time left by then, I also want to add blood.

Here's a screenshot of how the game looks at the moment:


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