Saturday, November 17, 2012

Continuing on the post I wrote yesterday, Brainstorming about Bubbles (Part 1), I will make some more decisions and brainstorm some more about elements to be used in "Burstin' Bubbles".


OK, this is what I have so far; I will make a game in C++ (with SFML) called "Burstin' Bubbles" involving levels based on historical economic bubbles. I still don't have any idea what the mechanics will be, how long the game should be playable, what the graphics will look like and how the game should feel.

Step 6. What will the player do?

So, what do I want the player to do? I know the game will be made with 2D graphics, but that still leaves much room to what the actual gameplay will be. For example, you can make a game of one of the following genres;

All of these games are made using sprites, even the fairly new games Awesomenauts and FarmVille. I don't want to pin myself down to a genre, but I can use the elements of the genres that I like to make something cool. So, I'll define what genres I would want to incorporate in this particular game. Here's the new list;

  • 3rd Person RPG 
  • Real Time Strategy 
  • Simulation 
  • Shooter/Arena 

But what are the strengths of these genres? Here's another list!

3rd Person RPG

  • Free-roaming
  • Large worlds
  • Many hours of gameplay
  • Character Building
  • Room for storytelling

Real Time Strategy

  • Fast gameplay
  • Short games
  • Many ways to win / Non-linear
  • Easily expandable (Extra units, maps, etc.)
  • Suitable for multiplayer


  • Suitable for real-life-related events
  • Direct transfer of knowledge
  • Useful for predicting results (business cases, economic bubbles, etc.)


  • Quick, immersive gameplay
  • Easily expandable (extra levels, guns, etc.)
  • Multiplayer-suitable
What do I want the player to do in this game? I can pick some from above and form an idea. For example;

If I pick Character Building, Shooting/Explosions, and a 3rd person point of view in a simulated world I would have a Shoot 'M Up with upgrades in a setting relatable to an economic bubble of the past (for example the Tulipmania). I decided to work with the concept of levels before.
So, imagine a "Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past"-viewpoint, with the violence and speed of "Awesomenauts", in a 17th century setting, causing or preparing for the burst of the bubble.

Step 7. Justifying decisions

An idea got into my head just now, meant for the story line. (Yes, I am chaotic.) The player will be someone from the future, time-travelling to the economic bubbles of the past to find ways to prevent or limit the effects of an upcoming bubble in his own period. This way, I can justify the jumping from one period in time to another, using a fancy interface to select a level.


What do I have so far? Here's a list!
  • Game will be made in C++ (with SFML)
  • It will be called "Burstin' Bubbles"
  • Game will have multiple levels
  • Perspective will be 3rd person, like LoZ: A Link to the Past
  • Player is a time-traveller, analyzing bubbles of the past.
  • In the fancy interface, the player can select the level to visit.
  • The player can get upgrades. (Character Building)
  • The NHTV-deadline is 7th of January. I want to have at least a tech-demo done by then.
  • I have no idea how I will accomplish the Art-side yet! Will use home-made placeholders for now. 
The next post will be about thinking of what weapons the player can use, what the goals will be and maybe a first sketch of the interface as well. 


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