Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last Saturday I went to the view day of the NHTV to look at the IGAD-programmes. After a three hour travel I arrived in Breda, accompanied by Luc. We walked through the school to check out some student work and hear presentations about the Programming-courses and the 3D Visual Art-courses. I was mindblown by the quality of work delivered there and the Programming-courses fit and completed my dreams and ideas of what a capable Game Programmer should be able to do.
Not only are there courses to teach Mathematics, C++ Programming, but also stuff like CG, HLSL, Assembly, Code Optimizing, Data Structures & Algorithms. Mostly stuff you will find in any Computer Science-programme, but I didn't really expect it that low-level. I want to do it though, I am extremely excited to follow all of those courses.

But first, I will have to get accepted to the Game Programming-programme. To achieve this, I will have to make a game with the theme "Bubbles" and fill in some stuff at a site of which the link will be mailed to me within a week. The deadline for this is the 7th of January, 2013.
I've already set up the project and made the initial commit and push to GitHub. I will design the game first, but I've made some choices on the technical site already. I will use C++ with SFML. I'm not using SDL because I am having problems getting it to work and there appear to be issues running SDL on an i7. Apart from that, I've made something with SFML before (a raw techdemo of an Asteroids-game)

Now for the design-work...
I have no idea yet what I'm going to come up with, but I will keep this blog up to date with the design-choices and the technical choices as well.


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